05 February 2011

White Circles Play Within My Mind

Here we are, at the beachfront walking path on one of the coldest and cloudiest days ever. How S. convinced me that we should go for a walk in below-freezing temperatures, I’ll never know. Ever since moving to our new apartment, we’ve never bothered taking advantage of having the ocean within walking distance, so perhaps it was as good as a time as ever?

This was on the Lunar New Year as well, and it was pretty early in the morning and misty that day. I must have had 6 layers of clothes on, and the cold alone made our hands freeze when trying to take pictures. 

The big gloves also made skipping rocks a little tougher (that, along with the sinking sand/seaweed mix underneath me). S. has adapted to the cold, since she’s be outside more. Here's a picture of winter-type S.

This one looks like it should maybe be on a karaoke video:

We walked out to the hotel while there, which is where you all will stay if you visit! Check out the harbor, it’s frozen over!

It would have been nice to goof around some more while we were out, but I was really starting to feel my age. (My back wanted to give out again.) That, and we needed to get ready for work!

On the way back, I directed us down the wrong street, which turned out to have a little surprise on it waiting for us. (I never imaged that I could still get us lost, but it happens a lot more often than you’d think!) I guess everything happens for some reason or another. Check out the new piece of furniture we picked up after getting lost. Yes! After several months of  searching online classifies and scouring shop windows, we finally have a coffee table!

You’re probably thinking, “Wait. Didn’t you and S. already get a coffee table from Ikea for $6?” That’s right! However, that table got repurposed after I splurged on a new TV that needed a stand to sit on. =) We went back to see if they had other tables and stands that would work, and they jacked the price of the same table up to $55! (Weak dollar?)

Over the past several months, while searching for a table and other things to make our flat feel more like home, I started developing an appreciation for modern, designer furniture, and came to terms with the possibility of spending upwards of $400 for the right table. I wonder if we’re turning Danish?

So how much did we pay for our new table? Well, being the sometimes lucky people that we are, we paid nothing! Would you believe it? Someone had thrown the table away and left it out in the rain with the trash! Now, after a good wash under the shower, and a thorough cleaning with Windex wipes from Texas, it’s made itself a pretty useful place to put stuff on top of! Amazing invention, this table thing.

Here’s a shot of my work area! A little plain at the moment, but our good friends here gave us the table and some chairs to match. 

Here’s a photo of the kitchen sink! The same couple also gave us the espresso machine. We also brought our wedding gift knife, and coffee maker with us from Texas, but got the flowers from our neighbors.

But one of the sad things about moving to this new flat downtown was that, I wouldn’t have my office/attic view of the old water tower anymore. This is what that looked like. Remember this view?

I’m not sure what we did to deserve it, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that we’re positioned just perfectly in between two buildings to give us a view of the same tower almost three miles away (this time without the McDonald's sign).

Yep! I think we've found a home!

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