21 February 2011

It’s a Long Way Down to the Place Where We Started From

It was our first real vacation in well over a year. A day in Heidelberg before heading back up to Frankfurt to visit our brother-in-law for his graduation concert! By the time we arrived at the Hotel Bayricher Hof (which was outstanding cause they were super nice and gave us a free upgrade!), we were completely exhausted and hungry from the trip, the majority of which was more waiting for connections and delayed trains, rather than traveling. But we made it, safe and sound!

05 February 2011

White Circles Play Within My Mind

Here we are, at the beachfront walking path on one of the coldest and cloudiest days ever. How S. convinced me that we should go for a walk in below-freezing temperatures, I’ll never know. Ever since moving to our new apartment, we’ve never bothered taking advantage of having the ocean within walking distance, so perhaps it was as good as a time as ever?

04 February 2011

A World in White Gets Underway

The year of the rabbit has come!

Although cleaning was supposed to be off my list of things to do, I did a couple of much needed errands throughout the day, on top of working from home. We even had some rice cake from the Vietnamese store. And with the energy from that, I also fixed our clock that has been sitting static for nearly half a year now.