04 August 2010

…And the Fishes in the Sea Have Gone to Sleep

Wednesday is our official fish day! It’s the day that the grocery store across the street gets a visit from our local fishmonger. Now we go every week in order to buy fishies to eat. The fish are from all over, as well as the surrounding areas. Some are familiar and some not as much. They even have clams!

In terms of fish though, we’ve always liked mackerel. It’s cheap and delicious, and here in DK, the Danes like to smoke it like you see in the picture here. We affectionately call it the “Mac Attack!” (It has an exclamation point, because, as Emeril says, it helps to “kick it in the nuts up a notch.”)

The first week that we found out about this, we bought one Mac Attack! The second week, we bought two, plus a big fillet of cod. This week, we got one Mac, plus marlin steaks, and some trout. At this rate, we’ll be the most dangerous predators of the Scandinavian seas. Probably wont beat out this guy though:

Gotta love Shark Week for spreading this shark love all over the internets. Did y'all know that the mascot of my hometown is the Fighting Sharks? They looked just like that last one in the video. Go Sharks!


  1. Goooo Sharks!!! Mmm fishies. I'm glad you guys can enjoy the fishies while we go up north to enjoy some fishies too. :)

  2. hope you're enjoying some fishies on y'all's trip! =)