21 July 2010

Spi-Dah! (he is our hero)

Did you know that it’s bad luck to kill spiders? I confess: I knew it, but I did it anyway. =’( 

I vacuumed up a few when moving out of Austin, and then I vacuumed up lots more after moving in to our current place. I’m not very superstitious, but I do see some patterns forming.

(pssst) Check this out: since moving in here, I’ve had some reeeally strange food disasters. I think…they’re related! This past week alone, I’ve somehow eaten a bite or two of spoiled milk, Pasta with fly’s eggs, sour cream yogurt (i think) with cereal, funky pork steak at a local restaurant, a really bad-tasting bottle of Côtes du Rhône that I dropped the cork in (first time!), and the latest: strange plum pickled herring that s. bought. Okay, so two of those things (the herring and the cream) that can happen to anyone.

The milk and cream selection here is out of this world! =) We still haven’t figured it out yet. Our guess is the A38 and any numbers on food is more of a branding decision, like alphanumeric car names. They sound cooler. Wouldn’t you rather say, “Honey, could you pick up some 1.5 A38?” Sure you would!

Spiders, you are free to go wherever you please. =) We love you spider.


  1. ahaha. it does sound like car models! It's a little fun cultural experience which one stands for which. When I first came to US, I thought half and half is 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4, in other words, really less fat. I can't believe I was eating cereals with a half-and-half for about a month.....maybe I told you this story many times already??

  2. nope! first time to hear it! i feel so much better that i'm not alone. who knows? maybe people really do eat cereal and musli with half and half (or sour cream)! =)