03 July 2010

Into the City

Be prepared to get lots of help from wonderful strangers if you are lost in Århus. On our way to the bank, a lady stopped to help us sort things out. After we got home for lunch, we left again to see the city, take a look at the university, and some potential apartments. 

Because of how unhealthy we are, we had to walk up some hills, and didn't make it to the university. While looking at the map, another stranger asked if we needed help when we were lost downtown, and when we flagged some people down, they didn't seem to mind at all. People just seem more relaxed here than in Austin. Perhaps it's the weather?

Downtown is really pretty when it's full of people out enjoying the sun. The woman behind s. stopped to do some shopping on her bike, and although it was Thursday afternoon, it seemed good enough reason for lots of people to go out for a drink.

Mexican food is quite popular too =) We saw at least two restaurants while in the city, and the shelves in the supermarkets stock Tex Mex ingredients. s.'s fear of no Asian restaurants was finally put to rest on our little trip as well. There we several, including this one. Shout out to Mr. Lee.

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