30 July 2010

I Got Brass in Pocket. Got Bottle, I’m Gonna Use It.

The fun never ends in the land of Lego. We finally got our act together about the growing recycling pile under our kitchen sink. Although there is glass, battery, and paper recycling just across the street from our place here, we heard there was an alternative! Back in Austin, we would drive recycling to Ecology Action on 8th Street each week (about 20 minutes by car, but on the way to my office) because our neighborhood didn’t have recycling. Once there, we’d separate everything into different types of paper, plastic, metal, and glass. They even took plastic bags as well as food wrappers and such. From what we heard, Aarhus used to recycle like they do in Germany (meticulously separating everything, and taking plastics, too) but the public found out a few years back that they were just taking everything and burning it anyway! So there’s no more of that, no siree. =(

But on the bright side, I have found a new job here in Denmark!!!

That’s right! Located in a few supermarkets are these super recycling machines. They take glass and plastic bottles, as well as crates full of bottles as well – and – it gives you MONEY! (Well, not really, just a receipt for store credit, but still, preeetty sweet!) I'm not lazy at all! I’ll drink every night in order to bring in some Danish money to our house =)

These machines were really intimidating when we first used them. While we were waiting for our turn, it rejected several of this one woman’s bottles. It may have been because some of them still had lots of liquid inside, we have no idea. One of the girls working (who caught us taking our pictures) had this puzzled look on her face when I asked her about aluminum cans.

“Yes, of course it takes cans."
"It's our first time"
"Your Kidding! It’s really your first time? Really?”
“I was wondering why you were making photos! You don’t have these...where you come from?!?
We don’t. Not where we come from. *Sigh* Not this planet, I guess.

If they did, we’d be bankin’ da Benjamins! Really! We got about 5 bucks this first time (no income tax!) It was enough to buy like…a bag of chips, you know? That’s a big deal! 

I’m totally stepping up operations from here on out. Bottoms up!


  1. Nice job! I will drink tonight in solidarity and send the bottle along :)

  2. これ日本にもあるね!私もこの仕事してました(笑)

  3. They have the similar system in Michigan, too (just the glass bottles though). When I was there, I used to take the beer bottles to a supermarket, put them in a recycling machine, and receive some money :) Too bad that Texas doesn't do that!

  4. Eiko: it's good to hear that we do have these machines in other places. the price of beer (and other drinks in denmark) also include this recycling fee as well, it seems. it really is a shame that we don't have such a thing!

    やすこ: not sure exactly which bottles are which on the receipt. the real question is: was i a good worker, and drank 6 bottles of beer before recycling (getting 50 cents/bottle), or was i not very productive and drank only 3 (25 cents/bottle)? =)

    Jaladhi: looking forward to your collaborative contributions!