14 July 2010


Again, I'm using a SharanQ's title here...

So yesterday, p. and I finally visited my new workplace.

We then went to the city hall to register our Aarhus address.

Very classy decoration inside the hall.

The classy art deco elevators.

While in downtown, we found a Vietnamese grocery store!

And of course, the first things we bought was a Vietnamese (very awesome) broom =)

This morning we went back to downtown to the main walking street to look for some kitchen stuff.

A lot of summer sales are going on. This was actually one of the first words we learned!

We found some coffee cups and plates on sale. Then we took a bus back to Ikea and got more furniture pieces. Our house is actually starting to be filled :)

So, that's our 上・京・物・語 ♪

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