12 July 2010



p.に「タイトルは唄のタイトルにすること」と言われたので、今日はシャラン Qの「いいわけ」です。



Hello all!
s. is back in Denmark, and will be posting more often.. but I may write in Japanese from time to time (so that my mom can read)- hope y'all won't mind!

I am loving our new house that p. was cleaning all week while I was gone. I was in Mannheim for a conference, and then spent a few days in Frankfurt, visiting my sister and her husband. The photo on this page was taken at a Spanish restaurant they took me before the game on Saturday. The food was delicious, and the game was much fun!

Our house is still extremely empty, so tomorrow we'll make an IKEA trip to get some furniture

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  1. Good to see you guys gradually but surely being settled! I'm happy for you :) I love the blog title. You cracked me up.